The craftsmanship of weaving

what is craftsmanship of weaving ?

The craftsmanship of weaving is considered to be among the antiquated conventional businesses in Morocco. More absolutely within the Extraordinary Eastern Chart book.

Sheep’s wool

This kind of craftsmanship is called among the Amazighs: “AZTA”. The last mentioned is based on materials accessible locally: given that the socio-economic exercises of the locale is characterized by the breeding of cattle, in specific sheep. These kind of creatures eventually deliver fleece as the premise for weaving. 

Whereas going through a set of steps: to begin with, you’ve got to disconnect the correct wool, then wash it, and after that fashion it. At last turn it and weave it. Typically a colossal work done by Amazigh ladies. Ladies take after these steps in arrange to provide the texture its gloss and sparkle.

A tool used to tie the fabric

Without overlooking the themes, terms and noteworthy images, propelled by nature and whose title contrasts from one locale to another. The Amazigh lady makes showstoppers made by their fingers. Whereas passing, of course coded messages that the profess.



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