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Who we are?

Our products are handmade and sourced from Amazigh women.

A group of educated people from Tounfite. We are trying to develop our village by helping more than 100 women to sell their products. Tounfite is a town located in the province of Midelt , Morocco . It is located in the region of Draa-Tafilalet.

By selling Moroccan Berber Carpets we share unique art, crafts from Berber culture while promoting cultural understanding, highlighting the importance of traditional handmade products in the world.

Our Mission


Our mission

We created this e-commerce website to help women to sell their products. The majority of them are poor women and facing hard situation. They are making beautiful traditional Amazigh Carpet but they did not know how  to sell or where to sell them although they are making beautiful products. Tounfite located in high Atlas Mountains so the majority of tourists are not able to visit Tounfite although it is beautiful touristic place.

On the other hand, the south-east has a unique industry that also catches the attention of decor lovers and this industry is about “stone art”.

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