Buy Fossils from Morocco, Volume 2a: Emblematic Localities from the Mesozoic and the Palaeogene / Fossiles du Maroc, Volume 2a: Gisements .

Since antiquity, the art of fossils has been very flourishing and vibrant and it still retains its brilliance. When we talk about fossils, we must mention the city of Erfoud. The latter is located 76 km from the region capital Draa Tafilalt.. This small tourist town is known for its great fossil museum around the world.

Thanks to its wealth, and the presence of wild animals that date back millions of years. This area is very privileged since there are masterpieces, decorative objects such as: fountains, sinks and tables which contain animal and natural protuberances.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

This profession is practiced by a large number of inhabitants of Erfoud. Once the boulders have arrived at the workshops, the workers begin to work meticulously and seriously. They cut the gigantic riches into pieces according to the type and size of the product to be made.

It is true that this job requires great patience because the steps mentioned are very tiring and painful.

They go to great lengths to achieve an adorable and captivating engraving.

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